Dragon Legend slot game or Dragon Legend slot game in Thai is a famous slot game from PGSLOT based on the legend of the Chinese dragon of good fortune and other auspicious symbols such carp and lotus.

Increase the prosperity for gamers as well.

A slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows, and a total of 9 paylines is a typical gaming mechanic. There are also two special features that make it easy to unlock bonuses, large profits, and over 10,000 winning possibilities per round. Now read this article. Solve all doubts!

Icon representing generic rewards in Dragon Legend.

Dragon Legend has much fewer regular winning symbols than other 5 reel slots. Those that make it simple to win rewards are highly rewarded. Following are the payout rates for each symbol.

The golden carp symbol has a maximum payout of 300.

The maximum reward for the silver carp symbol is 250 percent.

pink lotus symbol The maximum payout percentage is 200 percent.

The maximum payout for the lotus symbol is 150 percent.

There is a maximum payment of 100 for the letter A.

There is a maximum payout of 80 for the letter K.

The letter Q has the highest payoff of fifty.

There is a maximum payout of 30 for the letter J.

The eight prize symbols are separated into two distinct groupings. The most lucrative outcomes are carp and lotus, but they are less likely to occur. The English alphabet is the card symbol with the lowest payout percentage. Nonetheless, this symbol combination offers a greater possibility of winning. Make the game’s prize distribution equitable. Play and win practically every turn. The Piggy Gold slot machine game is highly recommended.

Dragon Legend Slot Unique Symbol

The Dragon Legend slot game contains two sorts of special symbols, both of which are beneficial in all game settings. and symbols that activate the game’s bonus round. Here are some details on each unique symbol.

wild symbol

The game’s Wild symbol is a red Chinese dragon with the word “WILD” on reels two through four only. The special feature of this sign is that it can substitute for all 8 usual winning symbols, but cannot be substituted. The combination of a single bonus symbol and the wild symbol has its own unique payout rate of up to 1,500 times.

Bonus symbol

The Dragon Legend Bonus symbol is a foggy sky with the word BONUS only appearing on reels two through four. This Bonus symbol qualifies to activate the game’s unique features when it lands. All three images activate the bonus game five times. This extraordinary feature provides 10,000 times the possible prizes.

Special Features of the Game Dragon Legend

Two unique characteristics of Dragon Legend will assist both parties save money. Increase your odds of winning. And has the ability to boost the prize money for both features. It contains the following details for each property:

Double carp exhibit Double carp exhibit It is only activated when horizontally adjacent Golden Carp and Silver Carp symbols appear on the grid. When this feature is activated, you receive 1 free spin and the winnings from that spin are doubled. The daily reward for the easy-to-break slot machine game Circus Delight is 5,000 MYR.

Additional Game Options

More gaming choices When only three bonus symbols appear, the feature is activated. The roulette wheel will spin five times throughout the feature. The gold and silver carp were directed. If the wheel stops in one of the slots, the appropriate prize is immediately awarded.

If the wheel stops in the prize slot, the stipulated amount will be awarded.

When the reels stop on the carp icon, the collection tab and reels are emptied of colorful koi fish. And the roulette winnings will fill the pocketbook. In roulette, the stakes and payouts have been enhanced. Plus two additional free games.

This game’s reward function is believed to significantly improve winnings. given that in regular mode The maximum symbol payout with this bonus feature is 1,500x. The maximum reward is 10,000 times the initial wager.

Consequences: Dragon Legend Slot Game Review

Dragon Legend Slot Game Dragon Legend is one of the most popular and user-friendly PG SLOT games with excellent winning odds, perfect for both beginners and other profit-seeking gamers. The game mechanism is quite trustworthy. You may play rapidly by hitting AUTOSPIN to automatically spin the reels. Each component of the reward has a striking effect. Players can easily win several rewards 24 hours a day and the gameplay is fascinating and enjoyable. On the homepage of the PGSLOTAUTO website or via LINE@, you may apply for membership and receive free play benefits, and you can also try it for free. from the website’s DEMO MODE without spending a single baht.

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